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Special Economic Zone Lotus is considered effective

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has published an annual report on the results of Special Economic Zones for 2018 and for the whole period of their activity. As last year, the SEZ Lotus has been considered effective. 25 SEZs of four types were taken into account in the report, 9 of which are industrial ones.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade carried out an assessment based on 19 absolute and relative quantitative indicators and 4 indicators in accordance with the rules for assessing the effectiveness of SEZs, approved by the Russian Government. The assessment takes into account such indicators as the number of residents involved, the volume of tax and customs payments, the profitability of funds invested in the creation of engineering, transport and other infrastructure, the activities of SEZ management bodies and others.

Based on the results obtained, each SEZ falls into 3 groups: effective, sufficiently effective, and ineffective. SEZ Lotus is considered an effective zone and it has scored altogether more than 80% both at the end of 2018 and for the whole period of operation.

During the period of operation from 2016 to 2018, 11 residents were attracted to the SEZ Lotus with a total amount of investments of more than 26 billion roubles and the construction of engineering infrastructure on an area of 400 hectares. Residents invested over 1.2 billion roubles, paid about 700 million roubles in taxes and insurance premiums and created new jobs. Currently, two enterprises are about to open in the SEZ Lotus.

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