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The Technologies and Logistics Union to Bring Together SEZs of Russia and Friendly Countries

Innoprom 2023, the most important industrial exhibition in Russia, was held in Ekaterinburg. Speaking at the round table «Industrial Cooperation of SCO Member Countries in the Era of Global Challenges», Dmitry Volvach, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, emphasized the need for coordination of special economic zones and the significant work on creating favourable conditions and infrastructure along the INSTC.

He added that the Technologies and Logistics Union had been registered in Russia for this purpose. Sergey Milushkin, Director General of SEZ Lotus JSC, gave a brief presentation of the Union’s activities.

— The rapid development of the INSTC capacity will significantly contribute to reducing the time and cost of cargo delivery, as well as support the growth of trade volume between Russia and friendly countries. Today, the member countries of the international agreement on the INSTC are creating favourable conditions for shippers, building the necessary infrastructure and creating a fleet of vehicles — explained Dmitry Volvach.

According to the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, it is necessary to consider the project of a coordination mechanism for all special economic zones, operating in the SCO countries.

— The non-profit company the Technologies and Logistics Union has been registered in Russia. The company is aimed at deepening trade, economic, transport and logistics cooperation between Russia and the Caspian countries interested in the International North-South Transport Corridor. We will be glad to see representatives of other countries as members of the partnership. This will create new opportunities for the development of cooperation in industry, logistics and technology in future, — told Dmitry Volvach.

At the end of June this year, the non-profit company Technologies and Logistics Union was registered in Russia. SEZ Lotus JSC, SEZ «Technopolis Moscow» JSC, and ANO Directorate of International Transport Corridors have joined the Union.

The registration of the Union was the first implementation of the proposal to create a union of SEZs, which was made at the Second Caspian Economic Forum by Maxim Reshetnikov, Russia’s Minister of Economic Development, and supported by the First Vice-President of Iran Mohammad Mokhber.

— The first task of the Union is to establish technological interaction at the level of special economic zones, to look for solutions that can be implemented in the form of separated technological chains in SEZs of Russia and friendly countries. And they will be delivered as technologies through the INSTC. To date, a lot of work has been done with colleagues from Iran, India, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. In principle, we have agreed to sign such special memorandums that will allow us to coordinate our efforts at the international level in the field of technological cooperation, logistics and the removal of administrative barriers. We will be happy to include our colleagues from the SCO in this work," — comments Sergey Milushkin.

He also added that it is planned to conduct all the necessary negotiations, to start signing the international memorandums with partners from friendly countries.

— That is why we are inviting the management companies of special economic zones of the SCO countries to cooperate with us, we are negotiating with many of them, — summarized the Director General of SEZ Lotus JSC.

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