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The SEZ "Lotus" became the main project of the Astrakhan region at the Russian investment forum
On February 15, the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, which is the country's main annual platform for attracting investments and presenting the economic potential of Russia's regions was launched. This year, after a five-year break, the Astrakhan region took part in the exhibition of the forum. The delegation of the Astrakhan region was headed by Governor Alexander Zhilkin.

The main project of the Astrakhan region booth was the SEZ "Lotus". The management company of the SEZ "Lotos" under the leadership of the general director Sergey Milushkin presented models of future plants, ships under construction, samples of products of residents of the SEZ "Lotus", printed and video presentation materials. Worth mention that 8 SEZ “Lotus” residents announced investments in amount of more than 24 billion rubles.

All future products of residents of the SEZ "Lotus" should become an integral part of the freight base of the international transport corridor "North-South" that is being formed today. This largest logistics project had a special place at the Astrakhan region booth so that the visitors could observe the entire route of cargo along the corridor from Europe to India and back and see its advantages over the twice more time-consuming Sea Route.

Lots of attention was also paid to the advantages of the SEZ "Lotus" investment project - location of the SEZ, tax and customs preferences, logistics, land lease terms and access to infrastructure.

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