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The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation issued certificates of SEZ Lotus tenants for three new companies
Sergey Milushkin, Director General of PJSC SEZ Lotus, presented certificates of tenants of the Special Economic Zone Lotus issued by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation to the CEOs of Rybniye Korma, Stroyliderplus Lotos and Helios Systems. Thus, the list of tenants of SEZ Lotus expanded to 11 companies with a total volume of announced investments of more than 26 billion rubles.

Rybniye Korma, JSC is going to arrange manufacture of fry and production feeds for aquaculture facilities. The company "Stroyliderplus Lotos" came to SEZ Lotus with a project related to production of ballast water treatment systems. Helios Systems, LLC plans to implement in the Astrakhan SEZ a project for the production of 300-watt photovoltaic solar panels from poly- and monocrystalline silicon.

“In the outgoing year, we involved three more companies with a total investment of 2 billion rubles. The land plots for them are already selected and we will provide them with all necessary infrastructure. Several companies did not manage to join us this year, but they are already making preparations and planning to become the tenants in the first quarter of the new year,” commented Sergey Milushkin.

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