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The investor is planning to build antibacterial processing center in SEZ УLotusФ

On July 18, general director of PJSC "SEZ "Lotos" Sergey Milushkin and managing director of LLC УTecleorФ, independent entrepreneur Sergei Budnik concluded an agreement on intentions to implement an investment project on the territory of the special economic zone "Lotos".

The company is planning to invest 400 million rubles to create an industrial center for the antimicrobial treatment of animal and plant products. The signing of the agreement was attended by the Governor of the Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin. He called this project relevant to Astrakhan fisherman and agrarians as well as regionТs neighbors across the Caspian.

The industrial center of the Tecleor Company uses the innovative technology for disinfection of food products Ц flow of accelerated electrons is used as a physical coercion. These electrons have an ability to split DNA of harmful microorganisms.

"This technology allows to avoid the use of chemical pesticides and conservatives to protect and extend the shelf life of products. Technology is the most harmless in comparison with other methods of conservation, it has been applied since the 60s of the last century and approved in 69 countries all over the world", - explained Sergey Budnik.

According to his words, this project is implemented with the support of specialized institutions of food processing, the All-Russia Research Institute of Meat Industry, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and itТs also approved by the Expert Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The Tecleor Company launched the first such center in our country at the end of last year in the Kaluga region, the second laid down in Kamchatka. It is planned to build an enterprise with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year in the Astrakhan region.

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