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Andrei Shpilenko: SEZ Lotus in Astrakhan operates efficiently
Andrei Shpilenko: SEZ Lotus in Astrakhan operates efficiently

Andrei Shpilenko, the Head of the Association of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia, explained the results of the Investment Appeal Rating of Russian special economic zones, stating that all the zones included in the rating operate efficiently.

УTo avoid misinterpretation of the rating results, I would like to explain that all the special economic zones included in the rating, regardless of their place, are effective. In 2016, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development analyzed the work of all special economic zones. Those of them considered inefficient were closed,Ф the press service of the Association of Clusters and Technoparks of Russia quoted Shpileko as saying.

In the specific case of SEZ Lotus Andrei Shpilenko noted that the Astrakhan economic zone, according to rating experts, works effectively and is in good positions for many indicators and even leads in some of them.

Thus, SEZ Lotus is one of the top-five SEZs of industrial-production type at the cost of renting a land in relation to the market price in the region. The rating indicates the minimum level of tax burden for a potential SEZ tenant, a convenient territorial location of a SEZ.

SEZ УLotusФ is a leader in the quality and usefulness of the website, the convenience of the user interface for Russian and foreign investors, as well as in the category УTenant Survival RatesФ.

See the link to the business navigator of the Special Economic Zones of Russia 2019 for more information.

It should be reminded that at present there are 14 tenants in the SEZ Lotus with a total declared investment of more than 26 billion rubles. Three tenants were involved this year, among them are the company Rosa, the founder of which is the large Iranian private holding Golrang, and the Naval Design Mezhdunarodny with Italian investments.

In the SEZ Lotus two enterprises already work, three plants are at the construction stage and a number of companies are engaged in the plants design. 24 engineering infrastructure facilities were put into operation; road construction is underway. According to the results of the annual assessment of the Russian Ministry of the Economic Development, Special Economic Zone Lotus for the period of 2018 and from the beginning of its operation was considered effective.

Also, the work of SEZ Lotus for 2018 was positively assessed by the independent analytical center Expert, which presented the Third Rating of investment attractiveness of Russian industrial parks and SEZs in June of this year at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Special Economic Zone Lotus with the total number of points is in the 9th place of the rating among 101 sites from 41 subjects of Russia.

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