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A new resident as well as five more potential residents joined SEZ Lotus
The second day of the International Caspian Technology Forum was no less eventful for SEZ Lotus than the previous one. The SEZ accepted a new resident and concluded the Agreement of intent with five Russian companies for the total investment amount of more than 11 bln rubles.

Geksa-Lotos Co. has become a new resident of the astrakhan SEZ with its project on the construction of the modern automated production of geosynthetic materials, which we wrote about a week ago. The agreement on the beginning of the production activities in the SEZ area was signed by the Astrakhan district governor Alexander Zhilkin, Geksa-Lotos CEO Alexander Kochetkov and head of PJSC SEZ Lotus Sergey Milushkin.

"Geosynthetic materials are in great demand all over the world, that is why in the long view, taking into account the support of the region, we plan to enter the international market," says Alexander Kochetkov, Geksa-Lotos CEO.

There are also five potential residents planning to join the SEZ, that signed agreements of intent in order to implement a project in SEZ Lotus: Protelux company (project on the Bioprotein production, used in food and feed additives), "Techno Plus" company (production of licorice root and its further processing in order to get the extract and powder), Inprojekt company (production of multipurpose self-driving platform on the basis of innovative technology), Astrakhan shipbuilding and shiprepairing company Albatros (production of small-sized crafts and boats, as well as joint products and composite materials with the usage of innovations), "RUSH Logistic Group" company (project on the production of polypropylene cloth of the various density).

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