Dear Investors!

Special Economic Zone "LOTUS" is located in the Astrakhan region, which borders with the countries of the Caspian Sea, 40 km from the city of Astrakhan. This unique SEZ is located at the crossing of two international transport corridors : the North-South, and Northern part of the Great Silk Road .

SEZ "LOTUS" is created for deployment of industrial enterprises and connected with shipbuilding , mechanical engineering , also with high-tech manufacturing .

Companies with the resident status , will receive the preferences , in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation:

These benefits are extended for 49 years once they are assigned resident status.

The procedure to obtain resident status starts with the development of the business plan , which should conform with The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation . The business plan should includes information about your investments in its own production in the amount of 120 million rubles for 5 years , also it should includes information about expenses items such as the construction of factory buildings , cost of equipment and other manufacturing expenses , necessary for the commencement of the work .

For organization of the production process in the SEZ , there is a possibility of delivery by water transport.

The Government of the Russian Federation and Administration of Astrakhan Region support the establishment of SEZ "LOTUS" , the development of oil and gas resources in the Caspian basin and also broaden economic ties with the Caspian bordering countries . Consequently, taking into account the support we consider that receiption of the resident status and location of its own production in the territory of SEZ is the best solution for companies planning to enter into the Russian market.



Resident's form
On the Astrakhan state law “On making amendments in the article of the 2nd law of Astrakhan State “On setting a reduced rate of corporate income tax for certain categories of taxpayers”
Agreement of performance of industrial and production activity in a special economic zone created in the territory of
On the Law of the Astrakhan Region "On Amending Article 3 of the Law of the Astrakhan Region "On Transport Tax"
On the Law of the Astrakhan Region "On Amending Article 3 of the Law of the Astrakhan Region" On Corporate Property Tax"
Agreement on Free (Special) Economic Zones
Customs code of the Customs Union
Business-plan draft